Ultima II Filter Series Test

Filtration Test By Manufacturer

Ultima II Filter Outperforms Bead Filters – Independently Verified!!!

The Ultima II is proving to be the best, with the results of an independent certified testing laboratory. Gillespie Laboratories is an aquatic toxicity-testing laboratory that also cultures various freshwater, marine fish and crustaceans. The test is being performed by an independent laboratory to set aside the misinformation, misunderstanding and unsubstantiated claims that prevail. We noticed that some claims are being made without testing, or better yet the tests are performed by people who have no knowledge of how to perform an educated test. We also noticed that all published tests are done by people who profit from the sale of their filters. The questions we asked “How accurate are the tests? What was left out? Did they tell the public everything? Or did they just lie?” Aqua Ultraviolet is committed to truth in advertising. Remember, while we are paying for the test, Gillespie Laboratories is certified and the information cannot be altered or changed. Should our filter perform less, we will be fair in publishing the results. Just a note, the Ultima has been field and laboratory tested by Aqua Ultraviolet for years. The Ultima II is taking names and setting new standards. Look out beads!

Equipment and System Setup

Each system (four) consists of 500-gallon circular tanks outside, containing 450 gallons of de-chlorinated laboratory water. Piping is 1.5 inch pvc. A standpipe with 100 half-inch holes sends culture water to pumps and filters. Each system uses a 1/3 horsepower Performance Pro Artesian pump provided by Performance Pro. Each system is stocked with 300 Koi provided by Purdin Koi Farms, which are approximately 6.5 cm (2.5 inches) in length. During the eight weeks all filters were backwashed weekly at approximately the same time, the same volume of water is removed from each system during backwashing. The Koi in each system are fed 4 grams of Pond Flakes twice daily. The filters that are being tested are Hydrabead#36™, BBF-1B™, Aquadyne1.1™, and the Ultima 2000™. The Hydrabead is difficult to setup. BBF is difficult to setup. Aquadyne is easy to setup, but the beads had to be installed . The Ultima 2000 was easy to setup, and the only filter to come with media inside the housing.


At week nine the Ultima was out front!

Ultima 2000
First system to attain nitrification. Very good consistent flow. Very good solids removal. Operation performance very consistent. Filtration system seems to require the least amount of maintenance.

Aquadyne 1.1
Second system to reach nitrification. Efficient solids removed. A significant decrease of flow starting week #6. Flow was not increased by backwashing. A decrease in pH and flow could indicate caking of filter beads by organics. The end of week #8 a greater decrease in flow and water becoming a dark brown color.

Hydrabead #36
Did not attain full nitrification until week #7. Water in system muddy-brown color. Solids removal is not as good as other systems. A reduction of pH along with increasing muddy colored water could indicate caking of filter beads by organic materials.

Very good water flow. Very difficult to backwash. Instructions call for daily backwashing. After backwashing, a significant amount of “dirty water” flows back into culture tank. This clouds the water for a day. Due to time constraints, laboratory discontinued daily backwashing after Week #2. This has not caused any detrimental effects to fish.

Solid removal for filters, Lower numbers indicate fewer solids in water.
Ultima 2000          Aquadyne 1.1         Hydrabead#36        BBF-1B
.066                           .122                           .688                      .113

In fairness to bead filters on the market we could not test everyone’s. Since all are based on plastic beads and similar in filtration concepts, we would hypothesize that these other bead filters on the market would test the same as the ones chosen in our experiment. We have tried blowers and air compressors, which have proven to just be a band-aid to conceal a problem. If any of our dealers have any suggestions or would like to see us test different filters, of course give us a call.