Laguna Internal Filters

Internal Filters

Laguna Submersible pond filters are simple to install and generally provide a combination of mechanical and biological filtration to keep ponds clean and the fish healthy. The units are placed directly into your pond and are useful for smaller ponds.

Laguna PowerFlo underwater filters do an excellent job of keeping ponds clean – up to 800 US Gallons

What is a Submersible Pond Filter?

Water is drawn through submersible pond filters by a submersible pump, which can be attached to the filter either internally or externally and then discharged into the pond. Because they tend to pick up all the debris from the pond bottom, submersible pond filters protect the pump from clogging and keep the water clean and clear.

Installing a Submersible Pond Filter

Laguna internal filters are easy to install and can be well hidden with planting baskets. All filters should be powered by a solids handling pump that can turn your total pond volume at least once every two hours.

 Laguna SkimAway Skimmer Filter Fountain   Go to Amazon-Laguna Internal Filters!

Item#: PT255
Laguna SkimAway Skimmer Filter Fountain

Laguna SkimAway is a new and unique multifunctional skimmer/filter/fountain for water gardens combining functionality and visual elegance. Designed for small ponds up to 1890 L (500 U.S. gallons), SkimAway skims, filters and creates a beautiful geyser fountain display all in one compact, lightweight, and easy-to-maintain unit.

SkimAway comes complete with a pre-installed 757 LPH (200 GPH) water pump, filter foam media (coarse & fine), and a leaf/debris collection basket, all combining to provide complete filtration for clear and healthy water. All you have to do is place the unit in the water at the appropriate height and plug it in. The unit has 4 adjustable feet, each allowing independent height adjustment up to 5 cm (2 in). The adjustments can be made at the top of the unit, above the water line, so you don’t have to reach in the water and get your hands wet.

The unit also has a floating skimmer door with a built-in fish guard that automatically adjusts to the water level, and a separate chamber for adding gravel or additional filter media such as Laguna Phos-X (PT570).

In addition to its practical operating functions, SkimAway has many aesthetic features that will add a touch of inspiring beauty to your pond setting, including a natural-looking faux wood finish, a plant basket for adorning the unit with aquatic flora, LED accent lighting at the top and near the bottom of the base, and a geyser-style fountain outlet that produces a thin, sheet-like waterfall over all four edges.

The unit has a removable lid that provides easy access to the pump and filter media for trouble-free maintenance.

For ponds up to 1890 L (500 U.S. gal)
Dimensions: 22 x 22 x 33.7 cm (9.5 x 9.5 x 13.3 in)

– 757 LPH (200 GPH) pump
– 10 Super Bright LED lights
– Fine/Coarse filter foam media (4)
– Aquatic planting basket
– Debris basket

Laguna PowerFlo Max Biological Filter   Go to Amazon-Laguna Internal Filters!

Item#: PT505
Laguna PowerFlo Max Biological Underwater Filter

PowerFlo Max performs the same mechanical filtration as Laguna’s PowerFlo Mechanical Underwater Filter, plus it performs added biological filtration thanks to a third chamber which houses Laguna’a patented BioMax filter media. BioMax’s ceramic rings deliver exceptional biological filtering action, thanks to its large surface area that allows millions of beneficial bacteria to grow. The friendly bacteria help break down harmful toxins. The end result is that the filter protects the pump from clogging and keeps water clean and clear.

The filter can be installed near the edge of the pond for quick and easy access and maintenance.

The filter comes with Laguna’s unique Universal Click-Fit coupling, which allows connections to 3/4, 1 or 1 1/4 inch (19, 25 or 32 mm) hosing. Two foam filter pads and BioMax filter media are also included

Laguna PowerFlo Max Biological Underwater Filter, for ponds up to 3028 L (800 U.S. gallons)
Laguna PowerFlo Max Biological Underwater Filter provides complete and efficient mechanical and biological filtration for ponds up to 3028 L / 800 U.S. Gallons.

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