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List of Hakko Parts & Accessories

Hakko 25L Optional Air Filters  Go to Amazon-API Pond Fish Food!


This is an optional air filter for the Hakko 25L only. The standard air filter for HK25L is a very small round fiber pad that is inserted into the air suction port on the air pump. The small round pad air filter is too small for outdoor applications. Choose this optional air filter assembly for HK25L outdoor use.

Hakko 40L – 120L Air Filters   Go to Amazon-API Pond Fish Food!


The air filter is located at the top of the air pump underneath the plastic lid. The air filter should be cleaned every few months to maintain good air flow to the pump. You may wash the filter in tap water multiple times before it needs to be replaced.

Heavy Duty Manifolds   Go to Amazon-API Pond Fish Food!


The Heavy Duty Manifolds are designed to allow high flow rates. The manifolds are available in 2 way or 4 way as 3/8″ barb, 1/2″ barb and 5/8″ barb.
The 3/4″ inlet connects to your air pump or compressor. The mulitple outlets will connect to air hose delivering air to your diffusers. The fittings are high quality brass. Size the manifold to your air pumps air output.

HK25L through HK80L air flow can handle 2 way or 4 way manifolds.

HK100L and HK120L should use the 2 way with 5/8″ barb or the 4 way with 3/8″ barb so as not to restrict air flow.

NOTE !! The outlet fitting of the HK25L through HK100L pump is a 5/8″ diameter. You can connect the 5/8″ pump outlet directly to the 3/4″ manifold inlet with a short piece of 5/8″ or 3/4″ hose ( supplied with air pump). The 2 way or 4 way manifold outlets are available in 3/8″, 1/2″ and 5/8″ so please order the size that best fits your air hose. The HK120L outlet fitting is 1″. You will need a reducer hose from 1″ to 3/4″ (supplied with HK120L) in order to connect the HK120L to the manifold inlet.  The HK120L air pump should feed one 1 inch hose or two 5/8″ hoses or four 3/8″ hoses to feed your air diffusers.

The 1/4 HP Rocking Piston Compressors can use 2 way or 4 way manifold.

The 1/2 HP and 3/4HP rocking Piston Compressors should use the 4 way manifold.

Aquarium Air Manifolds   Go to Amazon-API Pond Fish Food!


We recommend that you use these small manifolds for aquariums. These small air manifolds can exert too much back pressure on your pump if used incorrectly. You may use these small air manifolds to split your air to ceramic type air stones for aquarium applications or in cases where you need to put air stones in various locations around the pond or filter. It allows you to vent off potential back pressure if you are not using all outlets. Use all available air outlets on the manifold. Do not restrict the air pumps ability to breathe and cool itself. See section on Troubleshooting.

Use the 6 way manifold only for HK 25L.

Use the 12 way manifold for HK 40L to HK 60L.

Use two (2) 12 way manifolds for the HK80L.

Use three (3) or four (4) 12 way manifolds with HK 100L or 120L.

Connect the outlet of your air pump to a 6 or 12 way manifold. In case you are using multiple manifolds for the larger pumps, use 5/8″ to 1″ pipe or hose to connect multiple manifolds.

The manifold has 3/16″ valves which control the outlet of air to your air stones or diffusers.

3/16″ Valved Taps
Available with 6 or 12 Taps
Use 3/16″ air hose for distances less than 3 feet and 1/4″ air hose up to 5 feet.

The Air Manifold   Go to Amazon-API Pond Fish Food!

The air manifold is very important for two reasons. It gives us the ability to send air to various areas within the aquarium and allows us to vent off potential back pressure.

Connect the outlet of your HAKKO to a 6 way or 12 way brassl manifold which is available separately. The manifold has valves which control the outlet of air to your air stones or diffusers. Alternatively, you may make a manifold with PVC parts and small ball cock valves ( available separately).


Relieving Back Pressure

Double Manifold


It may be important for the longevity of your HAKKO performance that you install a “BLEEDER VALVE”. The optional bleeder valve can be a secondary valve which is “cracked” open just enough to vent off excess back pressure. You may also use one of the existing outlets on the stainless steel manifold. Simply do not use one or two of the outlet valves and leave them open to bleed off excess back pressure. The 2 way Heavy Duty Manifold in the picture can be used as a air bleeder to ventilate off excess unwanted air from a Hakko Air Pump.

Tubing and Pipe

Always use large diameter pipe or plastic tubing to connect your manifolds and air diffusers.

Use “non kink” hose so it does not ultimately restrict air delivery to the pond. Self sinking weighted tubing is available. Use ½ inch diameter pipe as a minimum to connect to your air manifold. The air manifold should also be large diameter to reduce back pressure. Use heavy duty ¼” diameter airline tubing to your air stones. Do not use the small aquarium style airline tubing to connect your air stones. This tubing is too small diameter and kinks very easily. Contact one of your HAKKO Distributors link for the correct size tubing to maximize the performance of your air pump.

Air Stone and Diffussers   Go to Amazon-API Pond Fish Food!


The best air stone on the market is the ceramic stone type. They come in a variety of sizes and have a very long life. Choose the air stone size and quantity which will match the air output of your HAKKO.

Most air stones are rated to deliver or allow a certain amount of air per minute. Usually they are rated in cubic feet of air per minute or cfm.

A small air stone may only allow 0.05 cubic feet air per minute. A large size air stone might allow 0.5 cfm. If you use too small an air stone or too few, you will place excess back pressure on the air pump. You can increase the number or size of stones or use a pressure relief valve.

To convert your air pumps rating of Liters per Minute to Cubic Feet per Minute divide lpm by 28.25 to give cfm. Example: your HAKKO 40L will deliver over 50 lpm at 58 inches water depth. 50 ÷ 28.25 = 1.77 cfm. A 1.5” x 1.5” ceramic air stone will allow 0.25 cfm, you should use at least 7 of this size air stone.

Air stones will make a medium small bubble size. You can find air stones which make a very fine bubble however, these will not obtain a good speed in rising to the surface and will put a lot of back pressure on the air pump. The amount of oxygen that is diffused into the surrounding water from the bubble is small compared to the surge of upwelling water creating surface turbulence. A medium small air bubble will lift considerable water volumes to the surface for aeration and give better overall performance.

Cleaning The Air Stones

Air stones need periodic cleaning due to calcium and carbonate buildup from the water. Some areas around the country have hard water with a high calcium level. This calcium can eventually plug up your air stone and create unwanted back pressure on the air pump.

Ceramic style air stones can be cleaned in 100% muriatic acid for an hour to clear the calcium and return the air stone to like new performance. Clean your air stones 3 to 4 times per year in hard water areas and 2 times per year in soft water areas. This will keep your warranty valid.

Hakko Diaphragm Kits   Go to Amazon-API Pond Fish Food!


Our rebuild diaphragm kits are simple to install. They include diaphragms to fix both sides. Refer to our trouble shooting section for directions on proper replacement procedure.

Tools you will need:

– 1 medium phillips screwdriver

– 1 small phillips screwdriver

– 1 medium pair of pliers

Note: If your diaphragms are blowing out frequently, you most likely have an excess back pressure problem in your design. Check that your air delivery tube is large diameter and no kinking is occurring. Check your air diffusers for clogging. Ceramic style air stones need cleaning with muriatic acid every 3 months typically. Check that the number of air diffusers is sufficient to handle the air output of your Hakko pump. Too few diffusers will create excess back pressure.

Sizes Available

HKD25 for HK-D 25 Diaphragm Set
HKD40 for HK-D 40 Diaphragm Set
HKD6080for HK-D 60/80 Diaphragm Set
HKD120 for HK-D 100/120 Diaphragm Set

Hakko Diaphragm Rebuild Instructions

Hakko Replacement Magnets   Go to Amazon-API Pond Fish Food!


The magnet is the part that moves back and forth with the diaphragm. It holds the diaphragm secure and vice a versa. Typically the magnet is very long lasting. However if you run the air pump with bad diaphragms for extended periods you could wear down the magnet. If you open the motor for repair and you find dust or small metal particles you may need to replace the magnet. Always inspect the magnet for wear and tear when you replace your diaphragms. They are very easy to replace.

Sizes Available

HM25 for HK-M 25 Magnet Set (1 pc)
HM40 for HK-M 40 Magnet Set (1 pc)
HM6080 for HK-M 60/80 Magnet Set (1 pc)
HM120 for HK-M 100/120 Magnet Set (1 pc)

Safety Switch


The Safety Switch is only used with the Hakko 100L and Hakko 120L air pumps. It is designed to protect the motor and magnet from damage. Under normal operation the diaphragms in your pump will gradually wear out or tear. The magnet is attached to the diaphragms. If the diaphragms fail then the magnet will be out of balance and will vibrate loudly. The safety switch senses the excess vibration and turns off the motor to save wear and tear on other parts. Sometimes during shipping a new pump may have been jarred enough to throw out the safety switch. The brand new pump will not turn on right out of the box. Simply remove the top of pump cover and you will see the safety switch at the top of the motor. Notice the small circle with an arrow on it. Just use a coin or flat head screw driver and re-align the arrows. If re-aligning the arrows does not turn on the pump then you may need to purchase a new safety switch. Please check for loose wires. They are relatively simple to replace.


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