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List of Aqua Meds Pond Treatment Products

Koi Pond Clarifier   Go to Amazon - Aqua Meds Products!

The NEXT Generation of Pond Clarifiers


NEW Double Strength CLEAR SHINE™
Clear Shine Pond Clarifier restores Your Pond Water to a Brilliant Shine!Clear Shine

Pond Clarifier increases the Efficiency of your Pond Filter

Clear Shine Pond Clarifier Benefits include:

  • Clear Shine Pond Clarifier removes suspended tiny suspended cloud particles and organic debris
  • Most ponds will sparkle within 24 hours
  • Clear Shine Pond Clarifier increases the efficiency of your mechanical filter
  • Clear Shine Pond Clarifier saves you money by treating THREE TIMES as much pond water as other brands
  • Clear Shine Pond Clarifier is even more effective when applied two days after treating with Aqua Meds® Pond Support™ or Organic Control™
  • One gallon size of Clear Shine Pond Clarifier has a convenient pump for quick and easy dosing

Thick and Green discharge!

Filter Backwash 24 hrs. after using Clear Shine.
Clear Shine Pond Clarifier treats THREE TIMES as much pond water as other brands

One ounce treats 2,000 gallons of pond water

Sizes Available

NEW Double Strength Concentrate

16 oz Treats 32,000 gallons

32 oz Treats 64,000 gallons

One Gallon Treats 256,000 gallons

The Gallon size has a “one ounce” pump for easy measuring

Note: Increase aeration when using this product. DO NOT overdose, more is not better. DO NOT use other treatments when using Clear Shine.

Pond Support beneficial pond bacteria   Go to Amazon - Aqua Meds Products!

Beneficial pond bacteria keeps your pond clean and your koi and garden pond fish healthy all season


Just one easy treatment every other week of Pond Support will keep your pond clear, your koi and garden pond fish healthy and growing fast. The beneficial pond bacteria and carbonates will improve the performace of your filter, keeping your pond water fresh and clear.

There’s More!

  • Removes toxins which promotes healthy and faster koi pond fish growth
  • Clears pond water natures way
  • Dissolves organic sludge caused by leaves, bird droppings and pond fish waste
  • Stabilizes pH, adds life supporting carbonates to your koi pond water
  • Stimulates the beneficial bacteria in your koi pond filter for peak performance
  • Reduces ammonia and nitrites
  • Reduces deadly hydrogen sulfide and it’s bad odor
  • Reduces phosphate levels
  • Safe for pets, plants, wildlife and pond keepers

It would take at least three other separate beneficial pond bacteria products to give your fish pond the same life supporting benefits as Pond Support. With just one easy treatment every other week your koi pond will stay clean and clear and your koi happy and healthy all season.

Sizes Available

2 Pounds
treats up to 32,000 gallons, will treat a 2,500 gallon for 5 months plus
5 Pounds
treats up to 80,000 gallons, will treat a 6,000 gallon pond for 6 months

DeChlor & More Dry Concentrate  Go to Amazon - Aqua Meds Products!

Instantly removes Ammonia, Chlorine and Chloramines


Benefits of DeChlor & More™:
• Improves the efficiency of your pond filter by removing toxic ammonia
• Compatible with all pond and fish medications
• Protects your fish from harsh chemicals added to your “tap water” by your local water department
• Does not contain deadly Zinc
• Will not harm the beneficial bacteria in your pond filter
• Very, Very Economical
• Safe for Pets, Plants, Wild Life and Pond Keepers

Note: The Chloramines in your “tap water” are made up of chlorine and ammonia. If you use a DeChlor that only removes the chlorine, yes, it will destroy the chloramines, however, it will leave all the toxic ammonia in your pond water.

One level scoop 1.5 oz. (enclosed) treats 353 gallons
2lbs. treats 7,530 gals. 5 lbs. treats 18,825 gals.

Mix with 2-3 gallons of pond water, distribute evenly around pond.
Dosage can be increased to remove greater amounts of ammonia.

Add DeChlor & More™ BEFORE you add fresh water tap water to your pond.

Sizes Available

Two Pounds:
Treats 7,530 gallons

Five Pounds:
Treats 18,825 gallons

Organic Control  Go to Amazon - Aqua Meds Products!

Copper Free – Professional Strength
Digests and treats organic debris.
Plus, Organic Control™ improves and stabilizes pond water quality

Benefits include:
Digests unwanted organic debris
Removes hydrogen sulfide and odors
Breaks down organic debris
Reduces excessive nutrient content that contributes to organic matter and enhances filtration
Safe for fish, plants, wildlife, pets and pond keepers

Beneficial Pond Bacteria

2 pounds treats up to 32,000 gallons

Summer Blend   Go to Amazon - Aqua Meds Products!

is an excellent summer conditioner for your filter and pond!
Just one easy treatment every other week is all it takes!!

summer_blend-both       lilly_150

Here’s what Summer Blend™ can do for your Filter, Pond and Fish

  • Summer Blend™ will improve the efficiency of your filter, regardless of it’s size, by aiding in reducing the heavy Bio-load during the summer months. Plus, it will give your filter the extra boost it needs to keep your pond water non-toxic during those hot summer spikes of ammonia and nitrite, by removing excess ammonia and aiding in reducing fish waste
  • Summer Blend™ contains the same unique microbes as our popular Arctic Blend™ PLUS two extra microbes for warmer summer pond water
  • Summer Blend™ reduces heterotrophic bacteria that tend to clog bio-filters
  • Summer Blend™ keeps your pond water clear with it’s special blend of unique ammonia and sludge eating microbes which are 100% Natural, NO harsh chemicals or medications. Safe for pets, plants and wildlife
  • Summer Blend™ has been tested and proven in commercial situations with extreme environmental conditions
  • Summer Blend™ improves the health of your fish and helps stimulate their growth. Fresh, clean, water means strong, healthy fish and that’s what Summer Blend™ delivers to you!!

Sizes Available
32 ounces (quart) treats up to 5,000 gallons for FIVE months
128 ounces (one gallon) treats up to 20,000 gallons for FIVE months

The Gallon size has a “one ounce” pump for easy measuring

Arctic Blend™ beneficial winter pond bacteria   Go to Amazon - Aqua Meds Products!

100% Natural Winter Pond Care Bacteria that thrives in cold water temperature!

arctic-blend    lilly_150
Arctic Blend™ beneficial bacteria winter fish pond care prevents poor winter pond water conditions, losses and stresses that can cause spring outbreaks of pathogenic outbreaks.

Why is “Arctic Blend™” the best winter pond care on the market?
Because it works!!

Winter fish Pond Care beneficial bacteria. Just one easy treatment every other week and your fish pond and koi fish will be in perfect condition in the spring!

  • Removes deadly Ionized Ammonia and toxic Un-Ionized Ammonia from your winter pond water
  • Removes toxic nitrites and nitrates
  • Works in very cold water (as low as 35- degrees F)
  • Beneficial bacteria reduces and digests bottom sludge all winter
  • Helps maintain a healthy immune system
  • Arctic Blend will not deplete the oxygen level in your pond water
  • Beneficial Bacteria reduces spring clean up
  • 100% natural, NO CHEMICALS, safe for pets and wildlife
    The Gallon size has an “one ounce” pump for easy measuring

The two most common questions about ARCTIC BLEND™
1- How does Arctic Blend’s beneficial bacteria remove ammonia from frigid winter pond water when it’s a known fact that “nitrifying bacteria” which keeps ammonia and nitrites at zero does not perform in cold water?

A: Here’s how it works. Arctic Blend™ IS NOT a “nitrifying bacteria”. Arctic Blend’s beneficial bacteria is formulated with billions of natural unique microbes that absorb the ammonia from your winter fish pond water. Then these unique microbes process the ammonia through their system, rendering the ammonia harmless to your fish. You never have the common “nitrifying bacteria nitrogen cycle” which is, high ammonia then high nitrites and at last, less toxic nitrates when using Arctic Blend. The best part is, Arctic Blend™ is 100% Natural!!

2- Why should I worry about the ammonia in my pond water in the winter months, my fish are not eating so they do not produce waste, no waste, no ammonia?

A: Your fish produce more ammonia by breathing than they do from their waste. So they are producing deadly ammonia all winter.

There’s More!
Some of the microbes that make up “Arctic Blend™” are harvested from the frigid waters of the Arctic ocean. These unique microbes make their own natural anti-freeze and thus perform at their peak in pond water temperatures between 35 and 52 degrees F.

You can start using Arctic Blend’s beneficial bacteria in the fall and it’s made for treating your winter pond water all winter. If you have any left over in the spring, you can use it until your pond temperature reaches 65 degrees F.

ARCTIC BLEND™ is the ONLY winter pond care product on the market that can remove ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, phosphorus and digest sludge in winter conditions with water temperatures less than 39 degrees F.

Sizes Available
Arctic Blend’s beneficial bacteria Winter Pond Care Treatment

32 ounces treats up to 5,000 gallons for Five months
One gallon treats up to 20,000 gallons for Five months

Buff-It-Up   Go to Amazon - Aqua Meds Products!

Will boost your KH (carbon hardness) in your koi pond which will bring your pH to a save level
“Stop Deadly pH crashes!” “Improve the performance of your filter”


Aqua Meds® Buff-it-Up™ is a major breakthrough in pH and KH (carbon hardness) buffering technology.

Buff-it-Up will bring your pond water to an ideal pH and carbonate hardness. Buff-it-Up™ is an excellent calcium source, is gentle, safe, and enhances the freshwater environment.

Buff-it-Up™ will provide the following benefits to your pond and fish :

  • increases the KH (carbonate hardness) and stabilize your pH, stopping deadly overnight pH crashes
  • supports and helps grow the life saving beneficial bacteria in your pond filter, which require carbonates “KH” and a calcium source to flourish
  • improves the clarity of your pond water
  • raises carbonate hardness (KH) safely and maintains it for a longer period of time because it’s more than just sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)
  • does not enhance algae growth
  • is phosphate/caustic free
  • “hardens” the colors of your koifish and they will become brighter and crisper in harder water
  • Boost your pH and KH  to a safe level

How much pond water will Buff-it-Up treat?

There is no set amount of Buff-it-Up™ or any other KH booster that should be used for all ponds. As we all know, no two ponds are the same when it comes to the carbonate hardness of the water.

Buff-It-Up Application Rates: 

Check your total alkalinity, if it is below 120 ppm, add one level measuring cup of Buff-it-Up per 2,000 gallons of water, or one tablespoon per 300 gallons and recheck total alkalinity 2 hours later. An ideal total alkalinity would be 120-240 ppm.

Repeat dosage to achieve and maintain 120+ total alkalinity. Do not exceed 400 total alkalinity

Two Sizes: Same High Quality

4 lbs.

7 lbs.

Aqua Meds Sludge & Muck Remover   Go to Amazon - Aqua Meds Products!

Especially formulated for rock and gravel bottom ponds!

sludge_remover_s    lilly_150
Professional Strength, Concentrated Beneficial Bacteria

  • Removes toxic fish waste, left over food and deadly gases that build up under the rocks and in the gravel of your koi pond. A big cause of pond water and fish health problems
  • Save $$$ only takes ounce per 1,000 gallons every two weeks
  • Also works very well in ponds without gravel bottoms
  • Digest leaves, bird droppings and removes sludge and muck
  • Removes algae causing phosphorus
  • Reduces pond water odors and yellowing, improves water quality and clarity
  • Safe for pets, filters, plants and wildlife

Now here’s the best part!

One pound treats 16,000 gallons!
Treats a 2,000 gal. pond for 4 MONTHS!
Two pounds treats 32,000 gallons!
Treats a 3,000 gal. pond for 5 MONTHS!

De-Tox Plus   Go to Amazon - Aqua Meds Products!

The “Big Gun” of water conditioners!


KoiRx De-Tox Plus is the “Big Gun” when it comes to pond water conditioners. In this day and age when many city water departments are receiving permission from the Federal Agencies to increase the chemical dosages to keep our tap water safe, we must be prepared to combat these chemical treatments for our ponds with a high powered water conditioner.

KoiRx De-Tox Plus is the best choice for areas that have high doses of chloramines in their city water. We recommend KoiRx De-Tox Plus for every pond water change.

KoiRx De-Tox Plus should be your first choice when filling a new fish pond because KoiRx De-Tox Plus REMOVES the ammonia in your tap water not just the chlorine.

Here are the benefits of KoiRx De-Tox Plus:

  • De-Tox Plus instantly detoxifies chlorine and destroys chloramines.
  • De-Tox Plus does not affect pH
  • De-Tox Plus promotes the production of fish’s natural slime coat
  • De-Tox Plus adds Essential Electrolytes
  • De-Tox Plus is safe for Fish, Pets and Wildlife Life
  • De-Tox Plus is your best choice in emergency situations like power outages or filter failure

1 Gallon Treats up to 7,680 Gallons


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