Hand Feeding Koi Instructions


Steps to Hand Feeding Koi

Choose the right Koi
Some Koi tolerate human presence more than others and some Koi are not shy about coming close. Koi are very sociable fish that live in harmony with humans that are very happy to get close, and will often take food from a human hand.
Select the feeding place
Whether it is going to be your own pond, your aquarium tank or even a local park, it is important to choose one place that you will always treat as your “feeding spot”. The feeding spot should be free of sudden noises (such as splashing water), sudden movements (such as other humans walking by) and too much light/shade contrast.
Start slowly
At first, just throw the fish food into the water and observe the Koi as they eat. Make your presence obvious (that is, don’t move away). The first Koi to eat will be those that are bravest. Their determination to eat will encourage the less courageous to come along later. You may need to repeat this process of the Koi just getting used to your presence several times.
Move your hand closer to the Koi as they feed
After a few tries with you standing close to the Koi, start to stretch out your hand towards them. Leave it hovering above them for a short time as they feed, so that they can see it.
Try food in your hand once you feel certain that the Koi are used to your presence and your hand
One way to observe their familiarity with you is when you see the Koi getting excited by your presence, as they have come to associate your being around with receiving food. Do this at the same time as your other attempts at getting the Koi used to you, with the same food and in the same place as before.
Set your hand into the water, and doesn’t make fast movements or the Koi won’t take the food
Release some of the food into the water and leave your hand outstretched with some food still in it. Wait for the boldest Koi to come close. Again, this may take several attempts before the Koi feel comfortable enough to share from your hand.
Continue the feeding by hand regularly
If you want to continue feeding your Koi by hand, practice it regularly so that they remain friendly towards you and are not scared by your hand. It remains important to keep a regular method so that the Koi are not spooked; this is less a problem once koi are trained but might be a problem with smaller, more delicate Koi.

By Blogger KoiLover

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