Koi Food Types: Aqua Master

List of Aqua Master Koi Food



All-season koi food
Provides complete nutrition
Ensures good health and maintain the body color
No wheat germ or spirulina added
Suggested food for water temperature between 48F to 93F


Summer season koi food
High crude protein from the high quality fish meal
Enhance the growth rates
Contained spirulina which enhances color
Suggested food for water temperature between 70F to 95F

Color Enhancer

Summer season koi food
Over 40% high crude proteins from the high quality fish meal
Enriched spirulina which enhances brilliant color within a short period of time
Suggested food for water temperature between 50F to 86F Major Ingredients include fish meal, soya meal, wheat flour, squid liver powder, molasses yeast, wheat germ, spirulina, antioxidant, zeolite, vitamin premix.

Water-soluble vitamins include B1, B2, B6, B12, niacin, biotin, folic acid, pantothenic acid, choline, inositol, vitamin C. Lipid-soluble vitamins include vitamins A, D, E & K.

Wheat Germ

Winter season koi food
Highly digestible food for low water temperature
No spirulina added
Scientifically formulated with wheat germ and B-carotenoid to promote healthy skin, colors, and vitality
Suggested food for water temperature between 45F to 70F

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Koi Food Types: Hikari

List of Hikari Koi Food Types


Hikari Economy

An Economical Daily Diet For Koi & Other Pond Fishes

Extensive research into the eating habits and living conditions of koi provided us with the knowledge to develop Hikari Economy. This economical, daily diet for koi and other pond fishes will provide them with the basic nutrition they require to live a long and healthy life.

Hikari Staple

Preferred Daily Diet For Koi & Other Pond Fishes

Hikari Staple is an economical, daily diet for koi as well as other pond fishes. It contains all the basic nutrition your fish need to live a long and healthy life. High in stabilized vitamin C, Hikari Staple supports immune system health. If you’re looking for the best diet for your pet and pocketbook this is it!

Hikari Hi-Growth

Koi With Championship Size & Form Can Be Yours!

Hikari Hi-Growth is a powerful, supplemental diet specially developed to promote championship form in koi.

Formulated to increase weight & girth with a jumbo nugget larger koi enjoy. Hikari Hi-Growth is an advanced diet with a unique balance, full of proteins, vitamins and minerals promotes fat-deposit-free growth and helps increase your koi’s gloss and luster, as well as their overall size and weight.

Hikari Wheat-Germ

A highly nutritious, easily assimilated, highly digestible daily diet for koi and other pond fish, including goldfish. Developed through many years of breeding experience, this highly nutritious diet is extremely effective in cooler climates which experience a winter season. Give your koi a jump on this year’s show-off months, feed Hikari Wheat-Germ year round. It will have your aquatic pet looking their best while improving their fertility.

Hikari Sinking Wheat-Germ

A highly nutritious, easily assimilated, highly digestible daily diet for koi and other pond fish, including goldfish. Developed through many years of breeding experience, this highly nutritious diet is extremely effective in cooler climates which experience a winter season.Give your koi a jump on this year’s show-off months, feed Hikari Wheat-Germ year round. It will have your aquatic pet looking their best while improving their fertility.

Hikari Spirulina

Superior Color Enhancing Supplemental Diet For Koi

Color Enhancement

High in pure, cultured spirulina, a natural color enhancer
Rich in NS germ
Brings out the most vibrant, natural colors
Will not affect the white areas of the fish
Will add beauty and luster to the skin

Hikari Excel

The World’s Best Color Enhancing Diet For Koi

Hikari Excel is a scientifically developed, color enhancing diet. An easily digestible food produced from a mixture of highly nutritious wheat-germ and pure cultured spirulina. After a month of daily feeding it can produce ideal coloration of your koi. Hikari Excel, simply the best!

Hikari Gold

Excellent Color Enhancing, Daily Diet For All Types Of Koi & Pond Fishes

Hikari Gold is a daily diet, developed through years of koi breeding and showing, to meet the nutritional needs of koi while providing excellent color enhancement. Hikari Gold will bring out the best in your koi and bring you the success you’ve dreamed of!

Silkworm Selects – New!

A Daily Diet Growth Booster Offering Heightened Lipid And Protein Levels with More Than 50% Natural Silkworm

Pupae. A Natural Flavor & Taste Koi Love!

With More Than 133 Years Of Koi History, Hikari Should Be Your First Choice!

For centuries, Japan’s finest koi breeders have used silkworm to help their koi rapidly bulk up. While being an excellent addition to a food for its natural lipid and fatty acid levels, silkworm has always been extremely difficult to keep from oxidizing. Fortunately, the formulation experts at Hikari have developed a proprietary process that not only reduces oxidation but also allows an extreme level of silkworm to be included in Hikari Koi Silkworm Selects. Now your koi can experience the traditional Japanese body-building benefits of silkworm in a safe and beneficial treat!

Saki-Hikari Multi-Season

Koi Breeder Preferred — A Colder Weather, Daily Diet For Show Koi Offering Superior Assimilation, Improved

Fat-Deposit-Free Growth Rate & Color-Enhancing Capacity

Saki-Hikari® Multi-Season is the perfect diet for feeding at lower water temperatures. The combination of easily digested ingredients, including the inner most portion of the wheat-germ kernel and its naturally high concentration of amino acids and vitamin-E, and the added beneficial living microorganism provide outstanding digestive properties. This diet offers uniquely balanced nutrition for growth and carotenoids for superior color enhancing capacity and can be fed in water temperatures as low as 50℉. The inclusion of stabilized vitamin-C helps support immune system health.

Saki-Hikari Growth

Koi Breeder Preferred
Growth You Have To See To Believe!

Saki-Hikari® Growth was specifically developed for raising jumbo koi. Our intent was to provide a nutritional package that would help koi breeders raise koi that were bigger than previously possible without negatively impacting water quality or the overall health of their koi. Saki-Hikari® has the proper levels of necessary vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes. It also contains a uniquely balanced combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Finally, the inclusion of beneficial living microorganisms (probiotics) offers many benefits other foods cannot. For the championship body your koi deserve and you crave, feed Saki-Hikari®


Saki-Hikari Color Enhancing

Koi Breeder Preferred
Aggressive Color Enhancing Diet

Saki-Hikari® Color is the most powerful color enhancing diet available today! Utilizing pure-select Spirulina,

which naturally contains high levels of Zeaxanthin, we can offer you outstanding enhancement of the Hiban (red areas). Spirulina is also naturally rich in vitamins (B₁₂), carotenoids and minerals and is easily metabolized by koi. You can also be assured, because it’s a Hikari® product, that no negative impact to the Shiroji (white areas) will be noted. Saki-Hikari® Color is so powerful, we suggest gradual introduction to your fish!

Saki-Hikari Pure White

A Professional Use, Daily Diet To Help Finish The Shiroji (White) Of Your Championship-Grade Koi While Enhancing Its Depth & Brilliance

Koi Breeder Preferred
Saki-Hikari® Pure White™ – Shiroji Maintenance
Our Most Technologically Advanced Diet

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Koi Scale Types

List of Koi Scale Types

Based Type
Darker color at base.
Narumi (Hakurin) Type
Dark color with white edge.
Konjorin Type
Pine corn with black edge.
Matsuba Type
Pine corn with white edge.
Magoi (Kokurin) Type
Darker color with bold black edge.
Darker circle color in center.
Edged Type
Darker color edge.
Betagin Ginrin
Less sparkling (origin from Niigata).
Diagin Ginrin
Diamond scale (origin from Hiroshima).
Pearl Ginrin
Silver beans center of scale.

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Hand Feeding Koi Instructions


Steps to Hand Feeding Koi

Choose the right Koi
Some Koi tolerate human presence more than others and some Koi are not shy about coming close. Koi are very sociable fish that live in harmony with humans that are very happy to get close, and will often take food from a human hand.
Select the feeding place
Whether it is going to be your own pond, your aquarium tank or even a local park, it is important to choose one place that you will always treat as your “feeding spot”. The feeding spot should be free of sudden noises (such as splashing water), sudden movements (such as other humans walking by) and too much light/shade contrast.
Start slowly
At first, just throw the fish food into the water and observe the Koi as they eat. Make your presence obvious (that is, don’t move away). The first Koi to eat will be those that are bravest. Their determination to eat will encourage the less courageous to come along later. You may need to repeat this process of the Koi just getting used to your presence several times.
Move your hand closer to the Koi as they feed
After a few tries with you standing close to the Koi, start to stretch out your hand towards them. Leave it hovering above them for a short time as they feed, so that they can see it.
Try food in your hand once you feel certain that the Koi are used to your presence and your hand
One way to observe their familiarity with you is when you see the Koi getting excited by your presence, as they have come to associate your being around with receiving food. Do this at the same time as your other attempts at getting the Koi used to you, with the same food and in the same place as before.
Set your hand into the water, and doesn’t make fast movements or the Koi won’t take the food
Release some of the food into the water and leave your hand outstretched with some food still in it. Wait for the boldest Koi to come close. Again, this may take several attempts before the Koi feel comfortable enough to share from your hand.
Continue the feeding by hand regularly
If you want to continue feeding your Koi by hand, practice it regularly so that they remain friendly towards you and are not scared by your hand. It remains important to keep a regular method so that the Koi are not spooked; this is less a problem once koi are trained but might be a problem with smaller, more delicate Koi.

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Water Temperature for Koi

Water Temperature Range for Koi

Koi live in
46F – 95F / 7.7C – 35C
Koi active
68F – 77F / 20C – 25C
Certainly drop 5 Degrees
Resist illness or caught a cold (whitish membrane on body)
Less than 46F / 7.7C
Stop eating and activity slows
Barely alive
36F – 37F / 2.2C – 2.7C (start dying from frozen gills)
Start swimming again
54F – 55F / 12.2C – 12.7C
Check Koi health
54F – 55F / 12.2C – 12.7C
Above 86F / 30C
Slow down and poor appetites

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