Pond Plants: Hardy Lilies

Hardy Lilies

Almost Black
The name describes the color, Almost Black, slight fragrance, and very deep color. Foliage emerges bronze then turns green.
American Star
Star-shaped pink flowers that grow high above the water, and rich green foliage.
Pink, burgundy and white variegated and speckled leaves making it awesome even when not it bloom. The pale pink flowers that fade to white. Great bloomer and very fragrant.
Barbara Dobbins
Beautiful blend of yellow, pink, and apricot colors on a star-shaped flower and foliage is green with slight mottling.
Black Princess
Deep burgundy colored flowers and dark green foliage with burgundy splotches.
Charlene Strawn
Beautiful blend of yellow, pink, and apricot colors on a star-shaped flower, green foliage with slight mottling, new leaves have purple specks, and sweet fragrance.
Primrose yellow, fairly strong sweet fragrance, and one of the best yellow lilies. Olive green foliage, new leaves are blotched and mottled with purple.
The color is a unique apricot, salmon color, shade tolerant fragrant, and incredible bloomer. The flowers rise high above the dark green foliage and vigorous grower with slightly mottled leaves.
Florida Sunset
Glowing yellow flushed with pink amid heavily blotched leaves, excellent bloomer, and shade of orange blooms that is unique to peach lilies.
Bright red cup-like blooms open to star shaped flowers, fragrant blooms, and lush green/bronze foliage.
Miniature lily for patio ponds because of the small leaves and flowers.
Dwarf lily with flowers that changes from apricot to orange-red. Foliage is purple blotched.
James Brydon
Profuse bloomer with cup shaped flowers, very fragrant, rosy red color, and shiny leaves. New foliage purplish and slightly mottled.
Joey Tomocik
Vibrant lemon yellow with flowers that rises high above the mottled foliage and slight fragrance.
Laydekeri Fulgens
Dark reddish pink flowers rise above the lightly mottled foliage, free blooming, very long blooming season, and light fragrance.
Very large double fuchsia pink colored blooms, leaves emerge slightly bronze and then turn green, very long blooming season, and slight fragrance.
Moon Dance
Star shaped flowers that grow high above the foliage, very long blooming season, and slight fragrance. The foliage is a medium green that is splashed with purple.
Peaches and Cream
Flower are peony shaped peach-pink outer petals and creamy yellow centers and fragrant. Foliage is medium sized green leaves flecked with purple when young and leaves start out mottled then turn green.
Perry’s Baby Red
Cup-shaped, deep-red blooms, small dark green leaves spread 2 to 3 feet, and slightly fragrant.
Perry’s Super White
Striking white, 6″ to 7″, fully double blooms have 40-46 petals each, very free-flowering, new leaves bronze and maturing to green.
Perry’s Super Yellow
Free flowering, medium yellow, growing paler with age, outermost petals have pink blush. Leaves are green with purple blotches and soon turn green.
Pink Sensation
Silvery-pink blooms, very popular because the flowers remain open into the evening hours. Slight fragrance on flowers that arise above the foliage.
Red Queen
Flowers that are 6 to 8 inch deep red. Foliage starts a lovely burgundy color and then turns green as it matures.
Very large red water lily, one of the best reds around, and Slight fragrance.
Cup shaped flowers that are light red that turn deeper as the flower ages. The outer petals are pale pink and become rich red. Prolific bloomer and vigorous grower.
Texas Dawn
Very bright yellow flowers are held up above the water. Mottled leaves make a stunning contrast to the flowers, good bloomer, and slight fragrance.
Pink Ribbon
Rosy pink flowers are 5 to 6 inches across. The petals have a velvet like appearance. The really cool feature is the petal colors perfectly match the shade of the pink ribbons that many supporters of breast cancer awareness group wear and display. The rich green leaves grow 8 to 10 inches.

By Blogger KoiLover

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