Pond Plants: Floating, Submerged, and Lily Like Aquatics

Floating Plants

These tiny green leaves float on top of the water, lighter green and grass green in color . It is an excellent natural food for pond fish. Each plant is smaller than the eraser on a number 2 pencil and a smallest plant in the plant species world!
Fairy Moss
Another plant that Koi love to eat. The tiny leaves can be green or reddish to dark reddish brown. Sunlight and water temperature determines the color of the plant.
Tiny white flowers in July and August that are not very significant. Frogbit is a miniature floating plant with shiny green foliage that is 1 to 2 inches across. It is said to kind of look like the chin of a frog in the water, thus the name.
Water Hyacinth
The water has to be warm, above 75 degrees. They need to be crowded together. You can make a ring out of tubing to confine them. Koi love to eat the roots so keep them separate from the fish.
Water Lettuce
More compact growing and the leaves have a more intricate pattern.

Submerged Plants

bright green and feathery provides hiding place for small fish and a place for them to spawn. Helps keep the water clear and clean, great plant for green water, and use 1 bunch for every 2′ of surface area.
Bright green and feathery. Turns almost a black color in the winter, provides hiding places for the fish and a place for them to spawn (lay eggs). Under water oxygenators and also absorb dissolved materials in the water such as fish waste. Helps keep the water clean and clear. Great plant for GREEN WATER.
Parrot’s Feather
Helps to soften the edges of the pond with its lacy and feathery look. It is great for fish that are spawning because it is nice and soft. The stems are feathery looking and a medium bluish green in color. It can be potted or grown floating on the water.

Lily Like Aquatics

Banana Lily
Swollen tubes that resemble a bunch of bananas. Underwater leaves are round to elliptical with a wide sinus and may be up to 3 inches across by 2 inches from the stem to the edge of the leaf. Flowers are 1/2 to 3/4 inches wide and are white. This is a floating plant with small white flowers that extend above the surface of the water and very unique.
Floating Heart
The leaves are heart-shaped, thus the name of the plant. The yellow star-shaped flowers persist through May, June, July, August and September.
Four-Leaf Clover Variegated
Placed in deeper water and submerge 6 to 18 inches. The plant is on the bottom and the leaves float on top of the water, just like a lily.
The Mosaic plant has small leaves that are grouped in a mosaic tile pattern. The color of the leaves will vary from red, to pink, and green. Mosaic also produces tiny yellow flower flowers in the summer and about 6″ below the surface and the leaf clusters will spread about 2’ across.
Water Hawthorne
Grows and blooms in cool/cold water of late fall until the warm water of early summer when it then goes dormant. In early fall when the water is cooler again, it starts the cycle again and begins to grow and bloom. The white fragrant flowers are present from September until April. The flowers are held slightly above the mottled foliage that is oblong green. The undersides of the leaves are red in color and flowers have a slight vanilla fragrance.
Water Poppy
The flowers are 2 to 2-1/2 inches across with red centers. The foliage is dark green and glossy and heart-shaped and 2 to 3 inches across. Lemon yellow, poppy-like flowers in July, August and September are a lovely contrast to the glossy green upright leaves.
Water Snowflake or Water Fringe
Flowers are 3/4 inches across and are bright yellow and star-shaped and “fringed”. The foliage is 2 to 3 inches across and heart-shaped and green with bronze blotches.

By Blogger KoiLover

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