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By Blogger KoiLover

Brief History of Nishikigoi


Koi have been kept in Japan

  • It is estimated that Koi have been raised since BC.
  • Koi bones have been excavated from a shell midden dating back to the Yayoi Period (500BC – 250AD).
  • Koi inhabited Japanese rivers and lakes at least two thousand years ago.
  • It is suggested that in the early days people caught them for food and then, as time went by, they were kept in ponds as a readily available nutritional source.

Koi become established in Japan

  • Houses with a garden and pond became popular among aristocrats in the Heian Period (794-1185).
  • Koi were kept in the pond for appreciation and, perhaps more significantly, as an important source of nutrition.

Koi turn into Nishikigoi in Japan

  • It was many years later that Koi turned into Nishikigoi.
  • Higoi and Shirogoi were first noticed in late Edo Period (1603-1868).
  • After that, hi patches started to appear in various parts of the Shirogoi’s body and, before long, Koi with hi patterns on shiroji, which ultimately became the foundation of Kohaku, appeared.
  • People started to intentionally cross breed them, eventually they turned Koi into the beautiful form that Nishikigoi are today.
  • Those people were the farmers of the twenty villages of Yamakoshi in the Echigo region in Niigata Prefecture.

By Blogger KoiLover